Real-time Tickers, money flow,
community activity and code update deep analyzed!

Deep study
Full perspective and deep analysis on Project,
Money Flow, Community activity!
Money Flow
Real-time money flow for Coin
and Exchange provided,investment decision assistant.
Coin smart selection
Multiple dimensions on data mining,
intelligent data analysis, find excellent coin.
Price Alert
7x24h market monitor,
catch price shocks, help investor seize chance
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About Coinbull

Coinbull, professionally developed by an international team, CEO and core managers are from Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Tencent, Baidu and other giant companies, with more than 10 years of experience in Internet and Finance & Securities fields. Team members are distributed at Seattle, Hongkong

Coinbull team focus on blockchain crypto financial field, with a mission to let data serve investment decision, use Tech to monitor Tech, make investment more efficient.

Now besides real-time coin price displayed in Coinbull app, money flow, community activity and project code update also deep analyzed!