Unveiling Hong Kong’s SFC 2024-2026 Vision: Revolutionizing Tokenization and Virtual Asset Innovation

The Securities and Futures Commission’s Strategic Priorities for Hong Kong’s Financial Sector

The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong recently released its Strategic Priorities for the years 2024 to 2026. This document outlines a comprehensive strategy aimed at advancing Hong Kong’s securities markets, mitigating risks, and enhancing investor protection against the backdrop of a dynamic global financial landscape.

Key Focus Areas

The SFC’s strategic plan is anchored on four key areas:

  1. Maintaining Market Resilience: The SFC aims to fortify Hong Kong’s financial market infrastructure to support sustainable growth. This involves addressing emerging risks, enhancing risk management among market intermediaries, and improving enforcement tools to detect and counter misconduct.
  2. Enhancing Global Competitiveness: Hong Kong is set to leverage its unique position as a gateway to Mainland China, aiming to broaden its investor base, enhance IPO fundraising capabilities, and improve market liquidity. This approach is in line with the SFC’s objective to strengthen Hong Kong’s role in RMB businesses and risk management, contributing to national development and financial security.
  3. Embracing Innovation and Tokenization: The SFC plans to advance Hong Kong’s position in virtual assets, tokenization, and sustainable finance. Key initiatives include advancing the regulatory framework for virtual asset trading platforms and expanding tokenization of traditional products to enhance investor protection.
  4. Boosting Institutional Resilience and Efficiency: The SFC is focused on enhancing operational efficiency, cyber resilience, and ensuring adequate financial resources to meet its regulatory responsibilities effectively.

Chairman’s and CEO’s Perspectives

Tim Lui, Chairman of the SFC, emphasized the Commission’s readiness to respond robustly to new regulatory challenges both locally and internationally, shaping market developments. Julia Leung, the CEO, highlighted the SFC’s commitment to protecting investors from financial crimes and achieving positive regulatory outcomes using a comprehensive range of tools and resources.

Technological Transformation

A significant part of the SFC’s strategy involves embracing technology and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives. This includes fostering a responsible fintech ecosystem and combating greenwashing, while nurturing sustainable finance talent.


The SFC’s Strategic Priorities for 2024-2026 mark a pivotal step in aligning Hong Kong’s financial sector with global trends and challenges. By focusing on resilience, competitiveness, innovation, and efficiency, the SFC is well-positioned to enhance Hong Kong’s status as a premier global financial hub, ensuring market integrity and investor protection.

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