Exclusive: Top DeGods NFT Rescued from Phishing Scam!

The Success Story of Crypto Detective ZachXBT: Recovering Stolen Funds from a Phishing Scam

A top-ranked DeGods non-fungible token (NFT) worth $177K in Ethereum was recently recovered from a phishing scam, thanks to the efforts of renowned crypto detective ZachXBT. This incident sheds light on the risks and recoverability in the digital asset space, emphasizing the importance of vigilance and community collaboration.

The Phishing Scam and Recovery Efforts

In May 2023, a victim fell prey to a phishing site and had their valuable DeGods NFT stolen. The NFT, ranked number one in its collection, was sold for 99 ETH before ZachXBT stepped in to help recover the funds. Through his expertise and dedication, the stolen NFT was returned to its rightful owner, showcasing the potential for rectifying wrongs in the blockchain ecosystem.

The Threat of Phishing Scams in the Crypto Space

Phishing scams pose a persistent threat in the digital asset space, where users are tricked into visiting malicious websites that mimic legitimate platforms. These scams often lead to the theft of valuable cryptocurrencies and NFTs, highlighting the importance of vigilance and security measures when engaging with online platforms.

ZachXBT and the Crypto Community

ZachXBT, known for his efforts in tracking down fraudulent activities within the crypto space, shared the success story on his Twitter account. The community commended his work, emphasizing the significance of recovery operations and the collaborative efforts needed to combat criminal activities in the crypto realm.

The Role of Crypto Detectives in Upholding Security

As the digital asset market evolves, the role of blockchain analysts and crypto detectives like ZachXBT becomes increasingly vital. Their work not only aids victims of scams but also deters potential fraudsters by showcasing the active and united front of the crypto community against criminal activities.


The recovery of the stolen NFT and funds from the phishing scam serves as a reminder of the risks associated with digital assets and the importance of community vigilance. The success in this case sets a precedent for effective responses to crypto-related crimes, highlighting the potential for justice and security in the blockchain ecosystem.

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