Secure Your Wealth: Robert Kiyosaki Urges Quick Action with Bitcoin, Gold, Silver Investments!

Robert Kiyosaki Recommends Bitcoin, Gold, and Silver as Inflation Threatens

Robert Kiyosaki, the renowned author of the personal finance book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” has once again voiced his support for assets like Bitcoin (BTC), gold, and silver as inflation continues to pose a threat to global living standards. As the value of fiat currencies weakens, the price of gold recently crossed the $2,000 per ounce mark, indicating a steady recovery.

Kiyosaki, a strong supporter of the Bitcoin ecosystem, urged his over 2.4 million followers on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to reduce their exposure to fiat currencies, which he referred to as the “fake money system.”

On November 26, 2023, he tweeted, “Great News Gold reaches new high. Bad News: Workers and savers are losers. Bad News: been saying the same for 25 years. Don’t be a loser. Get out of the FAKE money system. Get into gold, silver, Bitcoin now…. Before it’s too late.”

The average person who attempts to save money is deemed a “loser” by Kiyosaki, who instead recommends alternative forms of investment such as gold, silver, and BTC. He emphasized the importance of moving away from the “fake money system” and embracing these assets.

Blaming the rising inflation and the daily struggle on the “woke government,” Kiyosaki expressed his concern for those who find it difficult to afford basic necessities like food, rent, and fuel, as well as invest in assets like gold, silver, and Bitcoin.

Kiyosaki continues to advocate for moving his fiat assets into Bitcoin and precious metals, as he believes that “leaders don’t care about you” and their actions ultimately lead to war and poverty. He previously predicted that the price of gold would reach $2,100 and expects it to rally to $3,700 in the near future.

Furthermore, Kiyosaki has long been a proponent of Bitcoin, predicting in August 2023 that it would reach $100,000 due to geopolitical issues that threaten global prosperity. In the event of a stock and bond market crash, he envisions Bitcoin’s price skyrocketing to $1 million, while the value of gold and silver would appreciate to $75,000 and $65,000, respectively.

With inflation on the rise, Kiyosaki’s endorsement of Bitcoin, gold, and silver serves as a reminder for individuals to consider alternative assets to protect their wealth and purchasing power.

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