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Meeting Michael Saylor: A Bitcoiner’s Story

Meeting Michael Saylor: A Bitcoiner’s Story

When Dominic Frisby attended a crypto event, he never expected to meet one of his idols, MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor. In an interview with Magazine, Frisby recalls the awe he felt when he first saw Saylor at the event. However, it was Saylor who approached Frisby first, expressing his admiration for Frisby’s work and inviting him to dinner.

Frisby was thrilled to visit Saylor’s house, which he describes as “much nicer” than his own. He admits that every time he watches a Michael Saylor video, he becomes more convinced of Bitcoin’s potential. The admiration is mutual, as Saylor frequently shares Frisby’s television appearances discussing Bitcoin.

But Frisby is not just a Bitcoin enthusiast. He is also a respected comedian, author, and TV show host. With a Twitter following of 32,300, he often discusses Bitcoin on radio stations like BBC 5.

“Listening to Dominic Frisby discussing Bitcoin on BBC Five Live. Sadly, the guest alongside him is spreading misinformation about Bitcoin’s transactions per second, energy usage, and more. God help us!” – Peter McCormack

Frisby’s diverse interests led to his notoriety on Twitter. While he acknowledges that focusing solely on crypto could boost his following, he enjoys discussing various topics and even projecting Bitcoin-related messages on famous landmarks in the UK, including the Bank of England.

Bitcoin Maximalism and Ether Investment

Although Frisby considers himself a Bitcoin maximalist, he admits to holding a small amount of Ether. He sees it as an investment in Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin’s potential.

Content Creation and Twitter Fame

Frisby’s Twitter account is a mix of Bitcoin-related posts, discussions about central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), comedy, and even music videos. His latest project is a parody song and music video on CBDCs, in which he plays the chairman of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab. The video has gained attention from well-known economists and Bitcoin podcasters.

Favorite Commentators and Predictions

Frisby mentions some of his favorite commentators, including Lyn Alden, Peter McCormack, GiGi, Robert Breedlove, and Adam Back. When it comes to predictions, Frisby offers a reasonable forecast for the upcoming Bitcoin cycle, suggesting an average price between $70,000 and $100,000. However, he doesn’t shy away from the possibility of the price reaching $250,000.

While Frisby’s Twitter following may not rival Saylor’s, his diverse interests and unique content have allowed him to carve out a niche in the crypto community. Whether he’s discussing Bitcoin, CBDCs, or making people laugh, Frisby continues to make a name for himself.

By Ciaran Lyons

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