Join the Movement: Let’s Get Bitcoin Emoji on Every Keyboard!

Over 20 Leading Crypto Organizations Advocate for Official Bitcoin Emoji

More than 20 influential crypto organizations have joined forces to champion a unique cause in the digital space – the introduction of a Bitcoin emoji. Their mission is to incorporate the symbol of Bitcoin into the vocabulary of digital communication, proposing its inclusion on keyboards worldwide.

The push for a Bitcoin emoji is spearheaded by Nexo, a prominent crypto lender, and has gained the support of a variety of industry leaders including BTC Inc, Bitget, and Chainalysis. The campaign, known as the ‘Bitcoin Deserves an Emoji’ movement, signifies a significant step towards the mainstream recognition of Bitcoin as a currency, technology, and cultural phenomenon.

The movement is currently underway through a 50-day petition hosted on, which will lead to a formal proposal to the Unicode Consortium during their 2024 submission period. This effort, previously rejected in 2020, highlights blockchain’s prevalence in everyday life and demonstrates the community’s unwavering determination.

The coalition’s objective goes beyond just digital representation; it is a celebration of shared values and the cultural impact that Bitcoin has had. With 92% of the global digital community using emojis in their communication, as reported by Unicode, the inclusion of the Bitcoin emoji signifies a natural progression in line with the technological advancements of our era.

Kosta Kantchev of Nexo, David Bailey of BTC Inc, and Mike Schmidt of Brink have expressed their support for the initiative, citing Bitcoin’s technological influence and the necessity of a universal symbol that reflects its universal utility.

In line with its mission to promote understanding and adoption of digital currencies, the initiative is a collaborative effort among a group of organizations including Polygon, Brave, and Unstoppable Domains, among others. Their collective voice aims to amplify the reach of the initiative, working towards solidifying Bitcoin’s position in everyday conversations.

The movement invites the global community to participate in this historic endeavor. By signing the petition and spreading the word, individuals can contribute to the recognition of Bitcoin’s legacy and its potential future. Those interested can find more information and join the campaign at

As we await the response from the Unicode Consortium, the crypto community is hopeful that the Bitcoin emoji will soon become a staple in our digital narratives.

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