Unlocking the Future: Seba Transforms into Amina, Leaping Towards Global Crypto Dominance!

Swiss Crypto Bank Seba Rebrands to Amina Bank, Expands Trading Services

Swiss cryptocurrency-enabled bank Seba has announced a name change as it looks to expand its trading services globally. The bank has rebranded to Amina Bank AG, citing similarities with SEB Bank in Sweden as the reason for the change. The new name, Amina, represents the transference of one compound to another, reflecting the bank’s mission to integrate traditional, digital, and crypto banking.

The decision to change the name came after discussions with SEB Bank, with both parties agreeing to the name change in 2023. Seba’s previous name was a play on the name of its founder, Sebastien Merillat, who expressed his passion for technology and its potential in a 2019 interview.

The rebranding to Amina follows Seba’s recent expansion efforts. The bank obtained a license from the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission in November 2023, allowing it to offer crypto trading services in the country. It also received financial services permission from Abu Dhabi Global Market in 2022 and opened an office in Abu Dhabi.

Amina’s CEO expressed the bank’s ambition to accelerate growth in its strategic hubs in Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Abu Dhabi, as well as continue its global expansion. The bank currently focuses on these regions, offering traditional and crypto banking services to its clients.

The rebranding will not impact current clients, as all operations will continue as usual. Amina, formerly known as Seba, is a major player in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, providing crypto-related services to financial institutions. In November 2023, Switzerland’s St.Galler Kantonalbank partnered with Seba to offer digital asset custody and brokerage services to its clients.


Amina Bank, formerly known as Seba Bank, has rebranded as it expands its trading services globally. The bank aims to integrate traditional, digital, and crypto banking, and has obtained licenses and permissions from regulatory authorities in Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi. The name change will not affect current clients, and the bank plans to accelerate its growth in strategic hubs around the world.

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