Title: “Cracking the Crypto Code: 6 Intriguing Questions for Lugui Tillier on Bitcoin’s Future” 1. What groundbreaking developments do you foresee in the near future that could revolutionize the crypto industry? 2. As an expert in the field, what are your thoughts on the potential of Bitcoin to become a mainstream currency? 3. How do you see the role of governments and regulatory bodies shaping the future of cryptocurrencies? 4. Can you shed some light on the key challenges that need to be overcome for wider adoption of cryptocurrencies? 5. With the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi), do you believe traditional banking systems will eventually be replaced? 6. In your opinion, what exciting innovations can we expect to see in the crypto space in the coming years?

The Journey of Lugui Tillier: From Passion to Profession in the Crypto Industry


Lugui Tillier, the commercial director for Lumx Studios, is a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency industry in Rio de Janeiro. With a dual citizenship between Belgium and Brazil, Tillier’s interest in cryptocurrency began as a passion that eventually led him to his current role at Lumx. In this article, we explore Tillier’s journey into the world of crypto, his role at Lumx, his investment interests, and his thoughts on the future of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

1) How did Tillier get into crypto?

Tillier’s entry into the crypto industry can be attributed to Alexandre Vasarhelyi, the co-founder of the first crypto fund in Brazil. Vasarhelyi, who is also the stepfather of one of Tillier’s closest friends, introduced him to the world of crypto and blockchain. Initially, Tillier viewed it as a secondary interest but eventually delved deeper into Bitcoin in 2019. His background in marketing and his belief in the potential of blockchain technology led him to pivot his career towards crypto and join Lumx Studios in 2021.

2) Lumx and Tillier’s role

Lumx Studios is a blockchain abstraction solution provider for large enterprises. The company assists businesses in integrating blockchain into their operations and offers solutions for account abstraction, payments, decentralized identity, and smart contracts. Tillier, as the commercial director, is responsible for liaising with directors of major companies in LATAM who are interested in integrating Web3 into their businesses. Lumx’s solutions enable companies to focus on their applications without the need for extensive knowledge of blockchain technology or hiring dedicated blockchain engineers.

3) Tillier’s crypto investments and interests

Tillier is particularly interested in layer 2 solutions such as Polygon, Arbitrum, ZK-Sync, and Linea. He believes that the adoption of layer 2s will alleviate the scalability and cost issues experienced during the previous cycle. Additionally, Tillier expresses his enthusiasm for nonfungible tokens (NFTs) built on Bitcoin, as it allows for the expression of art and culture in a fully on-chain manner. He sees Bitcoin Ordinals as a promising avenue for capturing the essence of Bitcoin in a more user-friendly way.

4) The future of Bitcoin and Ethereum

Tillier envisions Bitcoin and Ethereum as the primary consensus platforms globally. While Ethereum is already recognized as a platform for various applications and layers, Tillier believes that Bitcoin will also venture into new territories with the advancements of protocols like Taproot Assets and Ordinals. He foresees Bitcoin transitioning from being solely an asset to becoming a platform for storing and trading other assets and currencies.

5) Hurdles to mass adoption of blockchain technology

Tillier acknowledges that despite significant progress, blockchain technology remains complex for both end-users and traditional companies. The complicated infrastructure and tools, such as MetaMask, pose barriers to adoption. As a solution, Tillier advocates for emerging abstraction solutions that balance decentralization and ease of use. These solutions preserve programmability and automation while lowering the entry barrier, thereby bridging the gap towards mainstream adoption.

6) Tillier’s interests outside of crypto

Outside of the crypto world, Tillier finds solace in studying philosophy, particularly stoicism. The principles of stoicism, such as cultivating indifference to uncontrollable factors, help him navigate the volatile and incentivized nature of the crypto industry. He finds value in applying these principles to both his personal and professional life.


Lugui Tillier’s journey into the crypto industry showcases the transformative power of passion and curiosity. From a secondary interest to a full-time crypto job, Tillier has become an influential figure in the crypto space. Through his role at Lumx Studios, he seeks to bridge the gap between traditional companies and blockchain technology, paving the way for wider adoption. With his investment interests and insights into the future of Bitcoin and Ethereum, Tillier continues to contribute to the growth and development of the crypto industry.

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