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Hong Kong Gaming Giant Acquires Blockchain-Powered Streaming Platform Azarus

Web3 gaming titan Animoca Brands, the force behind popular games such as The Sandbox, Revv, and Phantom Galaxies, has recently added blockchain-enabled streaming platform Azarus to its portfolio in an undisclosed deal.

Azarus, built around the ethos “streams are not TV,” offers users an opportunity to livestream their gameplay whilst also rewarding them with tokens. The acquisition is part of Animoca Brands’ larger strategy to revolutionise the gaming world through blockchain. It plans to leverage Azarus’s technology to provide streamers with novel revenue streams, bolster audience engagement, and offer incentives to followers, whilst enabling fans to support their beloved creators in a unique way.

The goal is to mimic the success of Twitch by focusing on the interaction between streamers and their audience and designing incentives that foster a sense of community. With Azarus in their clasp, the playing field opens up to accommodate a larger audience for blockchain games.

Through its existing partnerships with renowned brands and streamers, Azarus has already dished out rewards surpassing $2 million to a diverse audience of over 20 million unique players. The platform is not just enhancing the streaming experience; it’s spearheading a movement that transforms every viewer into an active participant and changes each stream into an immersive experience.

With an extensive repertoire of Web3 games under its name, Animoca Brands already possesses the content needed to enhance the game streaming experience. Team this up with Azarus’s cutting-edge tech, and Web3 gamers can build a dynamic and colorful community around their favorite games. The acquisition could also serve as a stepping stone towards making Web3 gaming a mainstream profession and inspire more gaming talent to participate in the future of blockchain gaming.

Web3 Games Teaching Financial Literacy

At Binance’s flagship event, Binance Blockchain Week in Istanbul, industry experts including Animoca’s Siu, Gomble co-founder Chris Chang, and Xterio chief operating officer Jeremy Horn, discussed the potential of Web3 games as a tool for teaching financial literacy.

A common perception in gaming communities is that developers who prioritize financial gain can deter gamers. However, according to Horn, Eastern gamers possess a higher tolerance for pay-to-win elements, as they are accustomed to free-to-play games.

Through tokenized Web3 games, the developers see an opportunity to educate players and foster financial literacy which could contribute to mainstream adoption, breaking any misconceptions about it being a scam or a get-rich scheme.

Quality games have the potential to popularize Web3 gaming. As quality games are rolled out and if they’re good, people will feel incentivized to join, signaling a win for the immersive world of Web3 gaming.

A Peek into Project Xeno

From the stables of Japan-based CROOZ Blockchain Lab comes Project Xeno. It’s a tactical player versus player game where NFT characters duel each other. It follows a play-to-earn model, rewarding players for their in-game accomplishments with crypto assets.

Although Project Xeno is a free-to-play game with engaging elements of strategy woven into the gameplay, the speed of progression and the quality of English translation might need a few enhancements.

More Developments in the Web3 Gaming Space

Several other developments shaping the world of Web3 gaming include:

  • Layer 1 blockchain and smart contract platform Sui partners with Space and Time for developer tools.
  • Immutable reveals four new Web3 games for its scaling solution, zkEVM.
  • Illuvium’s launch on the Epic Store is slated for November 28.
  • Decentralized cloud provider Aethir secures backing from Nvidia.
  • DJ Steve Aoki partners with STEPN for a digital sneaker collection.
  • Ronin’s mobile RTS game Wild Forest begins open beta on November 9.
  • Solana Labs unveils beta version of GameShift, a service for game developers.

The world of blockchain gaming continues to evolve, with these and many more exciting developments on the horizon. Stay tuned!

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