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Mark Wilson: The Grotesque, Thought-Provoking, and Hilarious Artist

Mark Wilson, also known as diewiththemostlikes, is an artist with a truly unique style and a presence that can be described as grotesque, performative, thought-provoking, and hilarious. Based in Indiana, Wilson stands out in the digital art market by often ridiculing the NFT space and evoking a mix of humor and sadness in his work.

Wilson, who is also an author of five books, minted his first NFT on Foundation in March 2021 after a random account on X reached out to him. This opportunity led him to explore the world of digital art and find a new avenue for his creativity.

Although Wilson initially had no knowledge of minting or Foundation, he decided to give it a try, hoping to sell his artwork and gain recognition as an artist. It was a slow start, but with consistency and persistence, he positioned himself well and started receiving praise from well-known artists such as OSF.

Despite his growing success, Wilson still can’t fully comprehend the position he finds himself in. He never expected to be part of a movement alongside other talented artists who are constantly leveling up. He feels grateful and amazed by the opportunities he has been given.

The Origin of the Name “diewiththemostlikes”

Wilson’s artist name, diewiththemostlikes, has an interesting backstory. With a common name like Mark Wilson, he often encountered difficulties, such as people mistaking him for a scammer due to the commonness of his name. When the opportunity arose to choose a new name, Wilson decided to go for something humorous and cumbersome.

The name diewiththemostlikes pokes fun at the transactional nature of seeking likes on social media for validation. It represents the sad and depressing aspects of our existence, while also acknowledging the beauty of having a platform to share art and connect with others.

Finding Stories in Peculiar Places

Observing society and its idiosyncrasies is a major inspiration for Wilson’s work. He believes that there are stories to be found in the most peculiar places and thrives on exploring nuanced aspects of life and humanity.

Wilson’s artwork often carries open or subliminal messages that make collectors pause and reflect. His unique style, which he describes as documentarian and grotesque, adds another layer of depth to his pieces.

Good Meat! Sublime Satire

One of Wilson’s notable series is called “Good Meat,” which originated from his annoyance with the repetitive greeting of “gm” (good morning) on social media. To ridicule this transactional and mundane exchange, he started posting art with pieces of meat. The series has since evolved into a humorous way of engaging with his audience and has become a part of his brand.

Wilson finds it amusing that people now respond with “good meat” or create their own meat-inspired posts. He sees it as a funny and cool way for meat to infiltrate the digital space.

Notable Sales and Influences

Wilson’s artwork has garnered attention in the NFT community, leading to notable sales of his pieces. Some of his notable sales include “We saved our marriage” for 8 ETH ($22,900 equivalent), “After the streetlights stopped grieving” for 12 ETH ($22,300 equivalent), and “Precious moments” for 12 ETH ($19,900 equivalent).

When it comes to influences, Wilson mentions that he doesn’t have many from the art world due to his lack of formal art education. Instead, he draws inspiration from books and authors he has read, such as Irvine Welsh, Haruki Murakami, Michel Houellebecq, and Hunter S. Thompson. He also acknowledges the influence of illustrator Ralph Steadman on his work.

Personal Style of Art

Wilson’s personal style of art can be described as relentless and unflinching. He didn’t study art or have any formal training but has spent countless hours honing his craft. He creates art with a sense of urgency, driven by a need to express himself and share his message with others.

Hot NFT Artists to Watch

According to Wilson, two NFT artists worth paying attention to are Xer0x and Alien Queen. He believes that Xer0x is highly underrated and produces deep and personal pieces that are true artistic achievements. As for Alien Queen, Wilson considers her work to be exceptional.

Mark Wilson, or diewiththemostlikes, has made a name for himself in the digital art world with his unique style and ability to evoke a range of emotions in his audience. His art is a blend of grotesque satire, thought-provoking messages, and hilarious absurdity. As he continues to grow and gain recognition, it’s clear that Wilson’s impact on the art world will only continue to expand.

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