Unlocking California’s Crypto Revolution: A Game-Changing Shift in the 2024 Elections

California’s Crypto Owners Could Influence 2024 Elections with Preference for Pro-Crypto Candidates

California’s rapidly growing cryptocurrency community is poised to play a significant role in the upcoming 2024 elections. According to data from Coinbase, in collaboration with Morning Consult, an impressive 27% of Californians, roughly 8.2 million people, are cryptocurrency owners. This sizable demographic, known for their affinity towards innovation and disruptive technologies, could potentially sway election results, particularly favoring candidates who support and embrace cryptocurrencies.

The Pro-Crypto Sentiment and Its Implications

A noteworthy 78% of California’s crypto holders are inclined towards policies that foster innovation, with a similar percentage expressing their willingness to support candidates who align with their pro-crypto and blockchain visions. This sentiment is not limited to California alone, but mirrors a national trend, especially among younger voters. Approximately 51% of Generation Z and millennial voters across the United States have expressed their likelihood to vote for candidates who are favorable towards cryptocurrencies in the upcoming elections.

Political Engagement and Regulatory Desires

The crypto community’s political engagement goes beyond supporting pro-crypto candidates; it also encompasses a desire for clear and stable crypto regulations. This desire stems from the community’s frustration with the current “regulation-by-enforcement” approach, which they deem unpredictable and hindering to the industry’s growth. The push for definitive regulations reflects a broader consensus among digital asset holders and advocates, emphasizing the need for a legal framework that fosters innovation while ensuring investor protection.

The Election and Beyond: A Focus on Crypto-Friendly Policies

As the 2024 elections draw near, the spotlight on digital assets and crypto-friendly policies is intensifying. Political figures and potential candidates are increasingly recognizing the importance of crypto policies in their campaigns. The conversation surrounding cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and their regulation is expected to play a prominent role in shaping the political landscape and policy decisions in the United States. This highlights the growing influence of digital asset owners in American politics.


The intersection of cryptocurrency ownership and political engagement is set to have a profound impact on the 2024 elections in California and potentially across the United States. As candidates and policymakers compete for the support of this influential voter bloc, the crypto community’s preferences for innovation, technological advancement, and clear regulations are likely to shape future electoral outcomes and regulatory landscapes.

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