Exciting Partnership and Airdrop Revealed for Cyber L2 & SPACE ID Collaboration!

CyberConnect Partners with Space ID to Enhance Interoperability and Support Cyber L2 Scalability

CyberConnect Partners with Space ID to Enhance Interoperability and Support Cyber L2 Scalability

CyberConnect, a web3 social network, has announced a new partnership with Space ID, a universal name service network. The collaboration aims to improve interoperability, support Cyber L2 scalability, and provide an ecosystem airdrop for token stakers, enabling faster on-chain transactions.

Enhanced Interoperability with CyberID Migration to SPACE ID 3.0 Stack

The partnership between CyberConnect and Space ID is focused on establishing a universal decentralized identity (DID) infrastructure. This infrastructure will enable seamless interoperability within the broader SPACE ID Web3 Name Ecosystem.

To enhance the interoperability of CyberID within the SPACE ID Web3 Name Ecosystem, CyberID will be migrated to the SPACE ID 3.0 Stack. This migration will provide a full-stack infrastructure for domain registration, resolution, and management. Existing CyberID NFTs minted on the Optimism network will be tracked, ensuring that every CyberID holder receives their respective new CyberID NFTs through an airdrop on Cyber L2.

Supporting Cyber L2’s Scalable Future with SPACE ID

Cyber L2, as an Ethereum Layer 2 solution, promises faster and cheaper on-chain transactions. SPACE ID will support Cyber L2, facilitating its scalable future. This integration will simplify and streamline the process of minting, trading, resolving, and managing CyberID and other domain NFTs powered by Cyber L2 on the SPACE ID platform.

Furthermore, the partnership will enable the creation of social applications on top of the existing platform, leveraging CyberID, CyberGraph, and CyberAccount. With CyberID, users can establish a unique and self-sovereign identity on-chain, enhancing their web3 experiences.

Ecosystem Airdrop for Cyber L2 Supporters

To celebrate the partnership, SPACE ID has prepared an ecosystem airdrop for early supporters of Cyber. Eligible CyberID holders who are also $CYBER token stakers will receive airdropped $ID tokens. More details about this ecosystem airdrop will be shared in the near future.

About CyberConnect and Space ID

CyberConnect is the first restaked Ethereum Layer 2 platform designed for social interactions and optimized for mass adoption. It acts as the social layer for web3 applications and provides users with access to web3 experiences, tools, and financial liquidity across all Layer 2 ecosystems. For more information, visit the Cyber website, Twitter, Blog, or Discord channels.

Space ID is a universal name service network that offers a comprehensive identity platform for discovering, registering, trading, and managing Web3 domains. The partnership with CyberConnect aims to enhance interoperability and support the growth of Cyber L2. Learn more about Space ID on their website, Twitter, Blog, or Discord channels.

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