Mapping Firms in Hot Water: China Cracks Down on Crypto Rewards for Data Collection

Chinese Ministry of State Security Warns Against Foreign Mapping Companies Using Cryptocurrency Rewards

The Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS) recently issued a warning about the activities of certain foreign mapping companies that are posing a threat to national security. These companies are allegedly using cryptocurrency rewards to incentivize individuals in China to collect sensitive geographical data, which is then transmitted to servers located outside of China.

The MSS expressed concerns about the unauthorized collection of sensitive geographical information, including data on traffic networks, infrastructure, and military facilities. This data could potentially be accessed and analyzed by foreign entities, putting China’s national security at risk.

Advanced technologies such as big data have enabled these mapping companies to improve navigation precision and convenience for users. However, the MSS emphasized that the unauthorized collection and transmission of sensitive geographical data could lead to serious security breaches.

In response to this threat, Chinese national security authorities are working with relevant departments to crack down on both domestic and foreign individuals and enterprises involved in illegal data collection activities. Measures are being taken to prevent the outflow of sensitive geographical data and to mitigate the risks associated with data leaks.

The MSS also highlighted the legal implications of collecting and transmitting geographical spatial information data without the necessary qualifications for mapping services in China. Violations of laws such as the Counter-Espionage Law, the Surveying and Mapping Law, and the Data Security Law could have serious consequences for individuals and companies engaging in these activities.

It is clear that the Chinese government is taking a firm stance against unauthorized and illegal data collection activities that threaten the country’s sovereignty, security, and developmental interests. By issuing this warning, the MSS is sending a strong message to foreign mapping companies and individuals that such activities will not be tolerated.

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