Unlocking Hidden Treasures: Magic Eden Launches Retroactive NFT Rewards for Ethereum Users

Magic Eden Introduces Cross-Chain Rewards Program for Ethereum Users

Magic Eden, a leading player in the NFT marketplace, has recently launched a cross-chain rewards program aimed at Ethereum users. This initiative, designed for ‘Ethereum OGs’, allows users to claim rewards for their NFT-related activities dating back to 2017. Users can earn ‘Diamonds’, a form of reward points, based on various criteria such as transaction volume, timing of transactions, platforms used, and royalties received.

Engagement with the Ethereum Community

By offering rewards for past activities, Magic Eden is making a strategic move to engage with the Ethereum community. Recognizing the contributions of Ethereum users in the NFT ecosystem, the platform aims to strengthen its relationship with users and encourage them to transition to Magic Eden.

Beware of Impersonators

In the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, the threat of impersonators and scammers is ever-present. Magic Eden has warned users to be cautious and only interact with verified channels and official websites to participate in the rewards program.

Connecting Wallets and Claiming Rewards

To participate in the rewards program, users need to connect their Ethereum wallets to the Magic Eden platform. The process of claiming ‘Diamonds’ has been streamlined to encourage participation, although the exact value of the rewards in terms of real-world utility or monetary equivalence has not been disclosed.

Community Reactions

The response from the community has been mixed, with some users expressing dissatisfaction with the perceived value of the rewards in relation to their contributions. Others have raised technical queries about connecting wallets from different chains.


Magic Eden’s introduction of a retroactive rewards program highlights the evolving landscape of user incentives in the blockchain space. As NFT platforms continue to innovate to attract and retain users, the impact of such programs on user loyalty and platform growth remains to be seen. Magic Eden’s initiative demonstrates an effort to bridge communities and reward user loyalty, but its success will depend on the perceived value of ‘Diamonds’ and the platform’s ability to effectively engage the Ethereum community. As the NFT marketplace evolves, innovative approaches to community engagement like this may set new industry standards.

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