Revolutionizing Web3 Access in Asia: Coin98 Super Wallet Partners with JamboPhone!

Coin98 Super Wallet Partners with JamboPhone to Boost Web3 Adoption

Coin98 Super Wallet Partners with JamboPhone to Boost Web3 Adoption

Coin98 Super Wallet has announced a strategic partnership with Jambo, the innovative tech firm behind JamboPhone, signaling a significant leap in Web3 accessibility across Asia. This collaboration unites the comprehensive multi-chain capabilities of Coin98’s wallet services with the reach and affordability of JamboPhone, aiming to empower a broader demographic with the tools needed for the digital economy.

The integration of Coin98 Super Wallet as a pre-installed feature on JamboPhone is a game-changer for users in Asia, particularly within emerging markets. The “earn phone,” priced attractively at $99, is designed to tear down barriers to digital financial services, previously out of reach for many.

Thanh Le, co-founder of Ninety Eight, the builder of Coin98 Super Wallet, emphasized the transformative potential of Web3 technologies in driving financial inclusion globally. The partnership with Jambo underlines a commitment to fostering these technologies in regions where traditional financial services are scarce.

James Zhang, Co-founder of Jambo, highlighted the JamboPhone as more than a product—it’s a movement towards financial freedom for emerging markets. The sentiment that “talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not,” underscores the mission to democratize access to Web3 technologies.

The Coin98 Super Wallet’s compatibility with over 90 blockchains and its host of features, such as built-in DEXs, Cross-chain Bridge, and DApp Browser, combined with the JamboPhone’s affordability and accessibility, create a powerful duo. This strategic move is set to equip individuals to participate in the global digital economy and contribute to economic growth, innovation, and global digital economy participation.

About Jambo:

Jambo is a leading innovator committed to bridging the gap between emerging markets and the digital world. Focused on education and financial inclusion, the company is advancing the potential of Web3 through affordable technology like the JamboPhone, JamboApp, and a suite of partnered applications.

About Coin98 Super Wallet:

Coin98 is the leading crypto wallet aiming to connect a billion users to the crypto world in a secure manner. It provides a comprehensive and trusted ecosystem of services, including a non-custodial, multi-chain NFT and cryptocurrency wallet, with other auxiliary features to enhance user experience in the crypto space.

This partnership is a pivotal step towards increasing Web3 accessibility in Southeast Asia, a region with a burgeoning crypto adoption rate. It represents the shared vision of both companies in enabling a more inclusive digital future. The crypto community anticipates further developments and solutions from this partnership as they continue to innovate for Web3 adoption.

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