Revolutionizing Digital Asset Management: VanEck Introduces SegMint Platform

VanEck Launches SegMint: A Revolutionary Digital Asset Management Platform

Investment giant VanEck has recently unveiled SegMint GmbH, a cutting-edge digital asset management platform that is set to revolutionize the world of self-custodied assets. This innovative platform introduces a unique “Lock & Key Model” that aims to enhance security and accessibility for digital asset owners.

At a time when the digital asset industry is experiencing rapid growth, with Ethereum alone boasting 11.8 million monthly active wallets, the need for a streamlined and secure asset management solution has never been more pressing. SegMint addresses this need by providing users with a secure vault-like environment where they can easily grant access to others through a secure key system, ensuring both control and security.

Matt Bartlett, the founder of SegMint, identified a key challenge within the digital asset ecosystem – the difficulty of sharing access and ownership in a world that values self-custody. SegMint’s solution empowers individuals to manage their digital assets with confidence and simplicity.

The platform is tailored towards crypto-native users, including NFT collectors and those looking to tokenize physical assets such as luxury watches. While the initial user interface may require some blockchain familiarity, SegMint is committed to refining the user experience to cater to a wider audience, including those with limited technical knowledge.

SegMint’s versatile approach also opens up opportunities for partnerships with businesses and communities in need of asset-sharing solutions, fostering collaboration within creative projects and enterprises requiring shared digital resources.

In addition to its core features, SegMint offers SegMint Safes – a custom multi-signature wallet solution, NFT minting capabilities, and MINTangible’s IP protection toolkit. These features enable creators to define usage rights for their collections and facilitate the sharing of token-gated features through

Despite varying access based on geographic location due to regulatory compliance, SegMint has already garnered strong interest from European and Asian markets.

New users are greeted with an Adventurer NFT, which not only verifies their profile but also immerses them in SegMint’s quest-based narrative, blending storytelling with platform utility and rewards.

The launch of SegMint underscores VanEck’s dedication to identifying and capitalizing on investment trends that shape the industry. With a history of pioneering strategies across various asset classes, VanEck continues to drive innovation, liquidity, and diversification in investment management.

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