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Pudgy Penguins: An Unforeseen Success Story

Pudgy Penguins took the NFT world by storm in July 2021. However, the initial excitement quickly turned into a chaotic debacle when the project’s former founder found himself under the suspicion of potentially pulling the rug from beneath the project.

Despite the doubt surrounding its management, Luca Schnetzler, an entrepreneurial prodigy since his teen years with an impressive portfolio of building internet businesses, saw a golden opportunity and took charge. Schnetzler purchased the project along with its intellectual property concerning 8,888 adorable Pudgy Penguins for $2.5 million in April 2022.

The Shift in Narrative

The Pudgy Penguins project narrative swiftly shifted from a suspected rug pulling catastrophe to a newfound beacon of hope under Schnetzler’s guidance. His vision breathed a fresh life into the project, rallying community support behind it.

Schnetzler emerged as a leading figure in the PFP project landscape during the NFT bear market. With him steering the boat, the Pudgy Penguins rode against the tide of plunging floor prices, growing from around 1 ETH to a remarkable 6.32 ETH since his takeover as CEO. This success story consolidated the community’s trust in his future plans and his capability to execute them.

The Pudgy Paradigm

Schnetzler maintains that his decision to acquire the project was a calculated risk. By his logic, purchasing a project that had almost netted $10 million in just six months for a mere $2.5 million was a profitable venture. What sealed the deal for him was the potential he saw in Pudgy Penguins.

Necessary momentum and growth strategy further cemented Pudgy’s position as a top PFP project. Spreading its charming penguin branding across social media and beyond conventional crypto channels, Pudgy reached a milestone when their Instagram crossed 1 million followers. Their smart GIF strategy hit a record 10 billion views, further bolstering their brand’s visibility.

Brand Building: The Pudgy Way

At the same time, Schnetzler criticizes other PFP projects for not committing enough resources to grow their brands despite massive community and venture capital funding. He takes pride in setting a high bar for Pudgy and the differentiation it offers from competing projects.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Luca Schnetzler’s Story

Despite being only 25, Schnetzler’s entrepreneurial journey spans a decade. His early life experiences drove him to start earning at a young age. Today, his invaluable contribution to the Pudgy Penguins project draws inspiration from the thought leadership style of Steve Jobs.

Brand vs Character Building

Schnetzler points out the key distinction between building around a single character and a brand. The former, he argues, is easier to achieve than the latter. His approach is to develop the Pudgy character first and then focus on brand development.

Future Prospects

Moving forward, Pudgy’s roadmap includes dabbling with the physical world through an innovative partnership with Walmart. Furthermore, Schnetzler anticipates that Pudgy Penguins will become an iconic brand within three years, fulfilling their ambition of becoming the face of NFTs and Web3. He also hints at the possibility of launching a movie based on Pudgy Penguins – a clear indicator of the project broadening its horizons beyond NFTs.

Thus, the Pudgy Penguins story reinforces the transformative ability of NFTs and the possibilities that individual creators can invest in, envision, and turn into a reality.



Written by Greg Oakford, Co-founder of NFT Fest Australia and an avid NFT collector. Follow him @GregOakford.

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