Introducing the Bahamut Grants Program: Igniting Innovation with a $10 Million FTN Fund

Bahamut Foundation Introduces Bahamut Grants: A Major Step in Web3 Evolution

The Bahamut Foundation has recently announced its latest initiative, Bahamut Grants, which is set to drive the evolution of Web3. With a fund of $10 million in $FTN, the program aims to provide flexible distribution of grants to projects built on the Bahamut blockchain platform. As the preferred blockchain platform of the Fastex Ecosystem, Bahamut has already received security assessments from CERTIK and HEXENS, further solidifying its credibility.

Bahamut Grants aims to foster the expansion of businesses on the Bahamut network by issuing grants to deserving projects. One of the standout features of Bahamut is its innovative POSA (Proof of Stake and Activity) consensus. Through this consensus mechanism, the activity of validators using applications created with smart contracts contributes to their chances of becoming a block proposer in the future. This, in turn, leads to increased rewards from the blockchain.

The program encourages individuals, businesses, organizations, and researchers to apply and pitch their projects. Successful applicants will receive invaluable support and funding, providing them with a unique opportunity to establish a solid and promising business on Web3. Bahamut Foundation’s prioritized projects include bridges, multi-signature wallets, DEXs, and RNG oracles. Builders should also take note that Bahamut supports the Solidity programming language for building on the network.

All applications must be submitted through the official Bahamut Grants portal, where detailed information about the program and the application process can be found. To stay updated on the latest news about Bahamut Foundation and its funding programs, individuals can join Bahamut’s official website, as well as community channels on Twitter and Discord.

Each application will be thoroughly assessed by the Bahamut Foundation, ensuring a fair and comprehensive evaluation process. This initiative presents a significant opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators to leverage the support and resources provided by Bahamut Grants, ultimately contributing to the growth and development of Web3.

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