Unleashing the Power of Web3 Chat Apps: Revolutionizing Communication with Push Protocol

The Future of On-Chain Chat Apps: An Interview with Harsh Rajat

Episode 39 of Hashing It Out features an interview with Harsh Rajat, founder and project lead of Push Protocol, who shares his insights on the Ethereum ecosystem and the future of on-chain chat apps. Rajat believes that Web3 messaging apps will lead the next wave of crypto adoption and emphasizes the need for Web3 communities to transition from Web2 tools to fully on-chain platforms.

Rajat’s background in mobile applications served as the inspiration for his innovations in the cryptocurrency industry. He compared Web2 and Web3 apps and identified the need for features like notifications in the decentralized applications ecosystem. Notifications play a crucial role in user retention for Web2 applications, making them an essential requirement for Web3 communities.

According to Rajat, the Ethereum ecosystem is a hub of innovation in the blockchain space. The availability of mentorship and support from the community creates a conducive environment for development. Rajat highlights the significance of face-to-face access to Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, stating that it makes a difference for individuals building on the blockchain. He argues against the notion of “Ethereum-killers,” stating that it is impossible to eliminate an established platform like Ethereum.

One positive development in the Ethereum ecosystem, according to Rajat, is the emergence of multiple layer-2 networks. While some layer 2s may fade away, others will pivot or merge with other layer 2 solutions in the long run. Rajat is also familiar with the surge in chat applications built on Ethereum. He believes that as the Web3 space evolves, users are seeking Web3 solutions to power their communities and forums. Effective communication is a fundamental requirement for Web3, even before the implementation of advanced features.

In addition to discussing on-chain chat apps, the episode explores topics such as wallets as Web3 identities, the use cases of token-gated group chats, and the future of the Ethereum ecosystem.

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