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Who is Irene Zhao? Meet the Simp-Queen Mastermind Behind SO-COL

Who is Irene Zhao? Meet the Simp-Queen Mastermind Behind SO-COL


Irene Zhao, the mastermind behind the SO-COL platform and a Crypto Twitter influencer, explains that having a celebrity in your corner can turbocharge your NFT collection. Zhao’s first Simp DAO and NFT collection, IreneDAO, started with a floor price that was basically pocket change in ETH. However, the game changed for Zhao when controversial YouTube star Logan Paul threw in around a quarter of a million dollars in January 2022.

Meeting Logan Paul

Zhao reveals that Paul stumbled upon the project after billionaire crypto investor Mike Novogratz posted about it on Twitter. That kickstarted a friendship with Paul. “Logan followed me on Twitter and Instagram after he bought my NFTs,” Zhao says, adding, however, that they’ve never managed to meet up. “I was going to travel to Los Angeles, but at the time, he was somewhere in Puerto Rico. So, we didn’t get to meet in the end. But we do have conversations about NFTs.”

Building a Following

Zhao had already built a following as a social media influencer in the Web2 space, and much like Bitcoiners orange-pilling their friends, she has introduced most of her followers to NFTs. She jumped into crypto because she wanted to have control over her own content. She was fed up with only monetizing her content by promoting products, which is how Web2 influencers make a living. Zhao set up one of the first Simp DAOs, where NFT purchasers could join her Irene DAO fan club and get closer to their Simp Queen. She later spun this idea out for the SO-COL platform.

Content and Influencer Status

Zhao is known for her entertaining and humorous content. She enjoys creating and sharing crypto memes, which she believes require a bigger brain than sharing trading tips. Zhao has had her fair share of public feuds, including one with fellow crypto influencer Lady of Crypto. Despite the conflicts, Zhao remains focused on her own success and the growth of NFTs. She predicts that real-world assets will take off in the next year and that NFTs for creators will become a real hype soon.


Zhao predicts that Bitcoin will reach the $100,000 mark and believes that real-world assets will have a significant impact in the next 12 months. She also sees potential for growth in the NFT market, especially as more Web2 creators onboard to NFTs.

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